High Country Icelandic Horses

Slideshow of Icelandic Horses

  • Photo credit: Martina Gates
  • Photo by Charlotte Kooyman
  • Photo Credits: Lisa Keller (left), Courtesy Martha Stewart (right)
  • Photo Credits: Martina Gates (left), Christoph Huss (right)
  • Photo Credits: Lisa Keller (left), Stan Hirson (right)
  • Photo Credits: Kathy Mathew (left), Marla Menninger (right)
  • Photo Credits: Betty Grindrod (left), Julie Betts Testwuide (right)
  • Photo Credit : Charlotte Kooyman
  • Photo Credit: Corinna Esdorn
  • Photo credit: Martina Gates (left)
  • Photo Credits: Lisa Keller (left), Joerg Esdorn (right)
  • Photo Credit: Kathy Mathew

All About High Country Icelandic Horses

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Nicki Esdorn,
FEIF Trainer Level 1
P: 914 826 5159
E: nicki@highcountryicelandics.com
Nicki on The Martha
Stewart show:

Click here to see a video of Nicki and friends on The Martha Stewart Show.

Martha’s blog has a lot of good information about the Icleandic horse. Click here to read it.

There is another link to Martha’s
blog from our 2013 Halloween ride.
I was featured in an interview with The Icelandic Horse Quarterly.
Go to www.icelandics.org and download the September 2011 issue (page 24 “Who is Nicki?”)

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Every day is a good day to go riding on an Icelandic Horse!


I grew up in Germany riding dressage. I moved to the US in my twenties where I rode Hunters and Jumpers, Cross Country, and Western. In 1994 I began riding the Icelandic horse and have specialized in this breed. Since then I have been teaching, doing demos, hunter paces, and competitions. I have travelled to Iceland many times, riding and studying with Holar teacher Helga Thoroddsen at Thingeyrar. In 2008 I received my FEIF Trainer Level 1 certification. I continue my own education with work in natural horsemanship. I bought my first green horse and train her under the tutelage of Kristjan Kristjansson of Thor Icelandics. In April 2012 I was asked to appear on the Martha Stewart Show about Iceland, riding and talking about the horses. I love sharing my passion for this breed and now work as co-editor for The Icelandic Horse Quarterly.


When you have an Icelandic Horse you own a small piece of Iceland. They are a spirited breed and love to move – in four or even five gaits! I help my clients understand the needs of these special gaited horses, including Icelandic-appropriate horse keeping, grooming, feeding, trailering, shoeing, and tack. Training includes natural horsemanship groundwork, round pen work, and riding both in the ring and on the trail to produce a happy, healthy horse with clear gaits.

I teach children and pleasure riders how to communicate safely and effectively, both from the ground and in the saddle. The best learning happens when the ride is fun for both rider and horse, so I take the lessons out on the trail as soon as possible and include playing with obstacles. Icelandic horses are social creatures and love tolting along in a group. I organize and lead trail rides like the Turkey Tolt at Rockefeller State Park Preserve and on the Bedford Riding Lanes.


I teach and train all year long at High Country Farm and barns in Bedford, NY and on the trails.


My gelding Fengur’s name means “lucky catch” – and what a lucky catch he was! I meet great people, I go to fun shows with a wonderful sense of camaraderie, I ride in demos to music and go on hunter paces with my students and friends. I love teaching people and animals and sharing the joy of being with the magnificent Icelandic horses.

Phone 914 826 5159

Email: nicki@highcountryicelandics.com

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